Different Types of Smell Proof Mylar Bags.

Mylar bags have already won our hearts for being sturdy, smell-proof, opaque, and non-porous. To make food storage even easier, they are available in five different types. Let us see the details of each one of them.

  1. Flat Bottom Bags: These bags are ideal for storing items that are used daily. These bags come in rectangular or square shapes. If you don’t want to keep the mylar bags in any container, it is recommended to get these flat bottom mylar bags.
  2. Vista Mylar Bags: These mylar bags have an opaque backside, while their front is completely transparent. This allows you to see the condition of food inside. Though vista mylar bags protect the odor and flavor of food, they cannot protect it from light as the front side is completely transparent.
  3. Vacuum Bags: The presence of an extra layer inside these bags make them unique from the rest. This layer helps in removing the air and thus creating a vacuum. For using these bags, you need to have oxygen absorbers or vacuum machines. The overall environment created inside these bags is best for long-term storage.
  4. Stand-Up Bags: These mylar bags have the same use as those flat bottom bags.
  5. Child Proof Mylar Bags: The addition of an extra locking mechanism like vacuum sealing or ziplock makes the bags more secure. Childproof bags are just standard mylar bags with extra safety to protect the stored items from the reach of children. Those wishing to store cannabis in mylar bags and at the same time protect it from children can go for child-proof mylar bags.

The only difference is that flat bottom bags come in square or rectangular shapes, while stand-up bags can come in oval, round, square, or any such shape.