Super Runtz Variety Pack of 10 3.5 Grams Smell Proof Mylar Bag


  • Super Runtz Variety Pack of 10 3.5 Grams Smell Proof Mylar Bag
  • Heat seal, Smell Proof, and Easy to use packaging.
  • Premium Quality Matte Finish / Soft Touch Feel
  • Empty Reusable Topbar Mylar Bag.
  • Bag Measurement: 3.5″ Wide x 4.5″ Height
  • Net Weight Gram: 3.5 g (.125 oz )

Fun Fact: Mylar bags have proven to be so effective as a freshness protector, that survivalists use them to store long-term food on trips.

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Super Runtz Variety Pack of 10 3.5 Grams Smell Proof Mylar Bag


  • Prepping: long-term food storage in case of emergencies
  • Storage of herbs and spices
  • Packaging products such as tea and coffee
  • Medical and pharmaceutical items
  • Holiday storage
  • Packing for vacation


Exposure to UV light and oxygen will eventually degrade, even the purest goods or buds.  Slow this process by sealing your goods in a smell-proof bag.

Mylar bags help keep all moisture, water, air, and gas out while protecting product odors inside.  The air-tight packaging keeps odors secured to maintain potency.


Mylar bags are ideal for storing goods that need to be kept fresh. They are convenient and easy to use with a ziplock feature. Store products such as herbs, bakery, nut fruits, candies, cookies, chocolates, tea leaves, seasonings, rice, snacks, coffee beans, tobacco, grain, and jerky.



Insert your goodies in the bag, then heat seal the bag, and store them in a cool, dry environment. For more instructions, click here


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Mylar bags are amazing for long-term food storage due to their strength, flexible material, and isolating barrier properties. Mylar bag films offer an extremely low Oxygen Transmission Rate due to their thick foil laminate layer. Keeping your goodies in a mylar bag provides three layers of protection from moisture, light, and odor. Mylar is extremely flexible and thin, while also being very strong and durable. It is puncture-resistant and easy to use. The opacity of the bag will also preserve the nutrients of your food.

Food preservation, when done properly, has the ability to keep items fresh for months or years longer than traditional food storage methods. Using mylar bags together with oxygen absorbers can add more time, and in some cases up to decades!


To conclude, this product does not contain Cannabis, a scheduled substance Keep out of the reach of children and animals. Cannabis products can only be possessed or consumed by persons 21+ years of age or older unless the person is a qualified patient. The intoxicating effects of cannabis products may stay up to two hours. Cannabis use while pregnant or breastfeeding may be harmful. Consumption of these products impairs your ability to drive and operate machinery. Please use Extreme caution after the consumption of this bud. That’s why we recommend you leave cali bud reviews all the time

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