Bob Marley Jamaica Flag Rolling Tray Medium Size 7×11

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  • Bob Marley Jamaica Flag Rolling Tray
  • Crafted From Metal.
  • Premium Quality and Durable.
  • Smooth, Glossy Surface.
  • Rounded Corners.
  • Lightweight.
  • Medium Dimensions: 7” x 11”

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Bob Marley Jamaica Flag Rolling Tray Medium Size 7×11


  • Einstein Solar Diesel Collectible Art Tray
  • Metal Rolling Tray | Unique Design | Medium Size
  • Fast & Free Shipping
  • Durable – Creative Design – Easy to Clean
  • Small Size Design ( 11″ L x 7″ W )
  • Easy to clean: Water and Soap will do the job. Dishwasher safe but not recommended.


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Secondly, the flat and even surface of the smoking tray serves as an ideal workspace for rolling joints or cigarettes. It ensures that herbs are distributed evenly, promoting a well-rolled product. The consistency in the rolling process positively influences the smoking experience, as evenly rolled items tend to burn more uniformly.

Additionally, many smoking trays come equipped with compartments or sections designed to hold various accessories such as rolling papers, filters, lighters, and grinders. This integrated storage feature not only helps users stay organized but also minimizes the risk of misplacing essential tools, making the smoking ritual more convenient.

Furthermore, the portability of smoking trays allows users to carry their smoking essentials wherever they go. Whether at home, outdoors, or socializing with friends, having a dedicated tray ensures that smokers have all their necessary tools in one accessible and compact space.

In summary, using a smoking tray contributes to organization, efficiency, and portability, enhancing the overall smoking experience. It provides a clean and designated workspace, promotes even rolling, and often includes integrated storage for accessories, making it a valuable accessory for individuals who enjoy smoking.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 7 × 2 in


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