Ninja Rolling Tray Medium Size 7×11


Ninja Rolling Tray Medium Size 7 x 11 Inches.

  • Ninja Rolling Tray Medium Size 7×11 Inches.
  • Crafted From Metal.
  • Premium Quality and Durable.
  • Smooth, Glossy Surface.
  • Rounded Corners.
  • Lightweight.
  • Large Dimensions: 7” x 11”

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Ninja Rolling smoking tray
This item: Ninja Rolling Tray Medium Size 7x11

50 in stock

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Ninja Rolling Tray Medium Size 7×11 Inches. 

  • Ninja Metal Rolling Tray | Unique Design | Medium Size
  • Fast & Free Shipping
  • Durable – Creative Design – Easy to Clean
  • Small Size Design ( 11″ L x 7″ W )
  • Easy to clean: Water and Soap will do the job.

The Benefit of using Rolling Tray:

Using a rolling tray offers several benefits for individuals who enjoy rolling their own herbs or tobacco:

1. Organization: Rolling trays provide a designated and organized space for the rolling process. This helps prevent the loss of herbs, filters, and other accessories, contributing to a more efficient and enjoyable rolling experience. The tray acts as a contained surface, reducing mess and making cleanup easier.

2. Efficiency: The flat and even surface of a rolling tray facilitates the rolling process. It ensures that the herbs are distributed evenly, leading to a well-rolled product. This consistency contributes to a more satisfying smoking experience, as evenly rolled joints or cigarettes tend to burn more evenly.

3. Accessory Compartments: Many rolling trays come with built-in compartments or sections designed to hold rolling papers, filters, lighters, and other accessories. This feature helps users keep all their essential tools in one place, reducing the likelihood of misplacing items and streamlining the rolling ritual.

4. Portability: Rolling trays are often designed to be portable, allowing users to carry their smoking essentials with them wherever they go.

5. Aesthetic Appeal: Rolling trays often come in a variety of creative and aesthetically pleasing designs. This adds a personalized and stylish element to the rolling process. Users can choose trays that showcase unique artwork, logos, or themes, allowing them to express their personality and preferences.

6. Easy Cleanup: The contained space of a rolling tray makes cleanup quick and simple. Any leftover herbs or residue can be easily gathered and disposed of, maintaining cleanliness and preventing waste.


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